Grid Computing and High Performance Computing

With the use of high performance computing, Computational sciences enable us to explore uncharted fields of science, and it has now become indispensable for the development of science and technology of the 21st century. High performance computing systems used for cutting-edge computational science have reached to the petaflop performance (a million billion calculations per second), and will be targeted to the next generation of exascale systems.

The aim of the collaboration is to contribute in establishing software technologies, languages and programming models to explore extreme performance computing beyond petascale computing. The ability to program future highperformance systems efficiently is considered by all national research agencies worldwide as a strategic issue. Post-petascale systems and future exascale computers are expected to have an ultra large-scale and highly hierarchical architecture with nodes of many-core processors and accelerators. That implies that existing systems, languages, programming paradigms and parallel algorithms would have, at best, to be adapted, and often to be developed in many new ways. To manage these ultra large-scale parallel systems, we also require new adaptive and heterogeneous runtime systems, allowing to manage huge distributed data, minimizing the energy consumption and with fault resilient properties.

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