Images and Multimedia

There are many potential applications for Virtual Reality such as realistic simulators for industrial applications, games, entertainment, culture and education. However, an improvement of the realism in immersive environments is neededfor the enrichment of the immersive experience and issues such as complex interactions, virtual characters and multimodal interfaces (vision, sound, tracking and gesture analysis, etc) have to be investigated in order to obtain the best possible feeling of immersion. This research area has to be understood in a broad sense, encompassing virtual reality, augmented and mixed reality, ubiquitous environments, sound environments, that is, all advanced interactive environments where humans interact with computers through multimodal interfaces. Also another related collaborative research is concerned with Multimedia content analysis and retrieval, as key technologies in the next generation broadband network environment.

When combined together, these technologies will lead to next-generation digital contents and engender many applications in the domain of art, entertainment, traditional culture, archiving of historical heritage, and education. Contents-oriented research and development will effectively push these technologies into industries and the society.

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