Next Generation Internet

 The area of networking at large and the one of the future Internet are a scientific and technological priority in many countries because of the importance of the Internet on our society and of the economical impact that it is going to continue to produce. This is the reason why this area is strongly supported in Europe (IST FP7), in the USA (NSF FIND/GENI initiatives) and in Japan (the AKARI project). It is interesting to notice that France and Japan have anticipated this evolution and clearly identify their complementarities in this area. Indeed, France and Japan have a good academic and industrial presence in the area of telecommunications; and a critical mass can be achieved by joining efforts and complementary skills, enabling a higher visibility and competitiveness.

The general theme of the cooperation is the future internet and the main focus is: (i) mobility in the internet (e.g. location-aware mobile communication and multimedia data transmission form mobile users) and (ii) monitoring and internet measurement in order to better understand the internet but also prepare for self-management. The cooperation also studies important borderline problems, such as sensor networks, delay tolerant networks, as well as network security.

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