Quantum Computing

 Quantum information processing has been intensely investigated both theoretically and experimentally in the last decade, and, with the integration of research efforts in different fields of science, it is now coming into a stage to lay the foundation for further quantum information technology. Building a quantum computer is now a major research effort, with numerous research groups in several countries working towards that. At the same time, coming up with more applications for quantum computers (in the form of new quantum algorithms and new quantum communication protocols) and understanding the potential and limitations of quantum computing, remains an important research challenge.

The collaboration is developing around four inter-related subprojects:

(i) Quantum Cryptography and Communication,

(ii) Quantum Algorithms, such as algorithms for graph properties, networks and quantum walks,

(iii) the role of entanglement and the theoretical and experimental building blocks for a realisable technology, and

(iv) the feasibility of large scale Quantum computation and communication.

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