An architecture for a Parallel Hierarchical Adaptive Solver Tool (PHAST)

Speaker: Professor Salvador Abreu

Date: May 29th, 2015

Place: room 007, Faculty of Science Bldg. 7, Hongo Campus, The University of Tokyo
Time: 15:00


Constraint satisfaction and combinatorial optimization problems, even when modeled with efficient metaheurisics such as local search remain computationally very intensive. Solvers stand to benefit significantly from execution on parallel systems, which are increasingly available.
The architectural diversity and complexity of the latter means that these systems pose ever greater challenges in order to be effectively used, both from the point of view of the modeling effort and from that of the degree of coverage of the available computing resources. In this talk we discuss impositions and design issues for a framework to make efficient use of various parallel architectures.

Bio: Salvador Abreu is full Professor of Computer Science at the University of Évora (Portugal), which he joined as Assistant Professor in 1995. He holds a Ph.D. in Informatics from the Nova University of Lisbon. As of 2015, he has successfully supervised 7 Ph.D. and several MSc. theses. His present research interests focus on weaving intensional, declarative programming methodologies, including Constraint and Logic Programming with usability and high-performance concerns such as parallel and distributed computing.
Salvador is presently supported by a JSPS long-term Invitation Fellowship, and is hosted at JFLI and the Department of Creative Informatics of the University of Tokyo.

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