French-Japanese Workshop on Cryptography

NTT – JFLI – U.Tokyo Workshop on Cryptography

Date: January 16th, 2018 (Tuesday)

Place: The University of Tokyo, Hongo Campus, Eng. 6, Seminar Room AD


10:35 – 10:40 Prof. Phong Nguyen (Inria and CNRS/JFLI/U. Tokyo)
Title: Opening and Introduction to JFLI
10:40 – 11:10 Mr. Shuichi Katsumata (U. Tokyo)
Title: On the Untapped Potential of Encoding Predicates by Arithmetic Circuits and Their Applications
11:10 – 12:00 Dr. Hoeteck Wee (CNRS and ENS)
Title: A Tour of Attribute-Based and Functional Encryption
12:00 – 13:30 Lunch (on your own)
13:30 – 14:20 Prof. Pierre-Alain Fouque (University of Rennes 1 and NTT)
Title: The FALCON Post-Quantum Signature Scheme
14:20 – 15:10 Dr. Masayuki Abe (NTT and Kyoto U.)
Title: On the Practical Impact of Tight Security
15:10 – 15:30 Coffee Break
15:30 – 16:00 Dr. Atsushi Takayasu (U. Tokyo)
Title: Small CRT-exponent RSA Revisited
16:00 – 16:20 Prof. Phong Nguyen (Inria and CNRS/JFLI/U. Tokyo)
Title: RSA in the Real World: the case of Infineon
16:20 – 16:30 Vorapong Suppakitpaisarn (U. Tokyo)
Title: Closing and Introduction to SGU

Dr. Masayuki Abe (NTT)
Prof. Tsuyoshi Takagi (U. Tokyo)
Prof. Phong Nguyen (Inria and CNRS/JFLI/U. Tokyo)
Prof. Reiji Suda (U. Tokyo)
Vorapong Suppakitpaisarn (U. Tokyo)

NTT Research Lab
Japan French Laboratory for Informatics (JFLI)
Top Global University Project (SGU), MEXT

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