JFLI/Univ. Tokyo Seminar on the Mersenne Cryptosystem

Date: Wednesday April 18, 2018

Time: 13:30

Place: University of Tokyo, Room 007, Computer science building

Title: The Mersenne Cryptosystem

Speaker: Antoine Joux (UPMC) (NII)

Modern public-key cryptography is mostly based on the hardness of Factoring and computing discrete logarithms.
However, due to Shor’s algorithm, large scale Quantum computer if and when they become available would put these
systems at risk, with the danger of compromising the security of all computer applications. In this talk, we present one of
the numerous candidates systems to address this threat. It is mainly based on the hardness of recognizing integral numbers
of the form f*(g^(-1)) mod P where P is a large Mersenne prime and f, g two integers with low Hamming weight in their binary

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