JFLI Seminar on Distributed Computing

Date: Monday June 4, 2017

Time: 13:30

Place: University of Tokyo, Building #7, Room 102

Title: The many faces of fault-tolerant and Byzantine tolerant distributed computing

Speaker: Maria Potop-Butucaru (Sorbonne University)

The tolerance to faults and Byzantine behaviors has a long tradition in distributed computing. Now, more than ever, fault-tolerant and Byzantine tolerant distributed computing finds its application in various emergent areas ranging from sensor networks to distributed storage and blockchains. This talk presents recent results on how distributed computing deals with various incarnations of faults and Byzantine behaviors with case studies taken from body area networks, mobile robots networks, distributed storage and blockchains.

Maria Potop-Butucaru is full professor at Sorbonne University and head of the Networking and Performance Analysis group in LIP6 research laboratory.
She currently studies self*(self-organizing, self-healing and self-stabilizing) and secure static and dynamic distributed systems (e.g. P2P, blockchains, sensors and robot networks). She is interested in designing and proving the correctness of fundamental building blocks for distributed applications in these systems. She focus in particular the conception of communication primitives (e.g. broadcast, convergecast etc), the design of self* overlays, the coherence problems, the resource allocation and also the agreement problems. She also studies multi-faults and attacks in dynamic distributed systems.

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